September 2018 – Another Successful Month For Slick Trade Academy Sapphire Members

The month of September 2018 was another successful one for Sapphire members of Slick Trade Academy. September 2018 Results Forex Results – +3,953 pips Nadex Results –  98 ITM / 11 OTM = 89.91% win rate Low Risk Nadex Spread … Continued

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Today’s markets are as volatile as ever and there is no “one way” to trade them. Whether your day trading futures and forex or investing longer term in stocks and options … the challenges to make smart decisions remain the … Continued


Pivot points are technical indicators or tools used in forex trading and signify a change in market sentiment. This level reflects the sentiments of the forex market when it changes from bullish to bearish and vice versa.  This technical analysis … Continued


Moving averages are technical analysis indicators which denote the average in the price of a security or trading instrument over a specific period of time. Majorly used moving averages are 20, 50, 100, and 200. These averages tend to portray … Continued


The EUR/USD currency pair, after the drastic decrease and new lows, experienced a quick recovery back into the known ranges. However, an important German survey and monitory inflation elements stand out in a week Brexit has shown high trends to … Continued

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