The EUD/USD currency pair moved up and got stuck when faced with the last week’s 1.1720 level. Afterwards, the currency pair experienced an increase to 1.1800 which marked it the highest ever since July. The 1.1800 became a level that … Continued

Bollinger Bands – Forex Trading Technical Indicators

Bollinger bands are forex trading technical tools made up of two bands used in signaling changes in the volatility of market prices. Basically, Bollinger bands are essential tools used in the identification of overbought and oversold levels. Forex traders use … Continued

How to Keep Countless Emotions Aside While Trading Forex?

Forex trading is never easy. Yes, you are faced with countless emotions that further get in your way to earning higher profits. Moreover, you often end up taking emotional decisions that result in increased or consistent losses. So, how does … Continued

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