Pipsqueaks #15 – Part 1: Tough Guy Trading

“Probably the most significant and pervasive characteristic of the human pleasure machine is that people are more sensitive to negative than positive stimuli”  -Amos Tversky   Earlier today I was able to partake of one of my favorite guilty pleasures: … Read More

Pipsqueaks #12 Part 2: What do you do? – Day Trading

Well, I’m back from lunch. Yes, sure enough that subject came up again and yes, sure enough I got the familiar “look” from Bill. Well I suppose I can’t help being crazy, you know – you just have to be … Read More

Where were you for Brexit? What’s to come for Great Britain?

Last week marked the anxiously awaited Brexit vote.  Many traders completely avoided the market while others stuck to their trading plans with tight stops and take profit levels.  Going into the week we planned our positions carefully at Slick Trade … Read More

Pipsqueaks #12 Part 1: What do you do? – Day Trading

The trouble with holidays is that they’re always too short; time never seems to move faster than when you’re enjoying a wonderful cruise. But end they must and end they do and it’s back to one’s normal routine, which includes … Read More

Pipsqueaks #10: A Confidence Game with Day Trading – Part 2

In part one I started listing some ideas to help the fledgling trader develop a greater sense of confidence. We all know the old axiom, practice makes perfect. Doubly true in Forex trading. Practice, practice, practice, practice, and practice some … Read More

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