Davinci Donchian (formerly Nadex Solutions) Nadex Signals


DAVINCI DONCHIAN SIGNALS (formerly NADEX Solutions Trade Calls)

In response to overwhelming demand from Slick Trade members we’re delighted to announce the release of the new DAVINCI DONCHIAN HOURLY SIGNALS for the NADEX platform.

***(as of February 20,2018 Davinci signals will be sent only to the Davinci Donchian Signals twitter account – if you wish to receive these signals please request to follow @davincisignals and send a message to our support team of your request and Twitter handle)***


IMPORTANT: These signals are a modification and upgrade on the popular signals formerly known as NADEX Solutions.

As you may know the solid trade performance of these signals, 85% to 94% win rate, is based on trading them using the Support and Resistance method with the Donchian indicator template for MT4.

You asked, we listened! In our continued commitment to providing the very best service for our valued members, we’ve taken care of the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Here’s a quick reminder of how to take the new Davinci Donchian signals.

1. RECEIVE THE TRADE via Twitter

2. LOGIN to your NADEX account

3. CHOOSE TOP OF THE HOUR EXPIRY (Example – a trade call is given from 1:00-1:30pm – you would choose 2pm expiry on Nadex)

If a signal is given at 15 before the top of the hour, then choose the next hour expiry (Example – a trade call is given at 1:45pm – you would choose 3pm expiry on Nadex)

4. ENTER WORKING ORDER – Or grab at market price! Many times, if you are patient or if you enter a working order, then you can get a more lucrative position. Our trade signals normally reach an ITM ($20 profit per contract) or ATM ($40-60 profit per contract) before expiration of the trade.

What is a WO?  WO means working order.  You can set a WO on the Nadex platform so that you get a good risk to reward for the trades.  If price reaches that WO then it fills automatically, instead of sitting and waiting for a good price.  Here is a good reference – CLICK HERE

How Do Other Members Prefer To Trade This Strategy?

Multiple Working Order Method

Many of our members prefer to set multiple WOs for each signal sent out.  This way, they are staying more profitable and by setting WOs, they do not have to sit around a computer all day chasing trades.


Dan prefers the Multiple WO Method and his trading plan allows him to take 10 contracts per trade.  He uses the following risk to reward plan for each signal:

80/20 – 1 contract

75/25 – 2 contracts

70/30 – 1 contract

65/35 – 1 contract

60/40 – 1 contract

50/50 – 2 contracts

35/65 – 2 contracts

If the WOs fill then great!  If not, then he moves on to the next trade.

(This is something you will want to demo before going live with, but it is a great approach to taking these trades…another thing to think about is that if a trade does go against you on the ATM level, the ITM trades can make up for a loss very easily).

Multiple Strike Method

Many of our member also prefer to take multiple strikes for each trade signal.


Susan prefers the Multiple Strike Method and her trading plan allows her to take 10 contracts per trade.  She uses the following risk to reward plan for each signal:

There was a signal sent to Buy EUR/USD at or below .7216

The strikes available on the Nadex platform that Susan decided to set WOs of 2 contracts at each strike –






She set a WO for each strike price with a risk to reward of 75/25, with the exception of the two that are starred.

She set a WO for 65/45 for the two that are starred.

The reasoning that she did this is because the signal was already quite deep ITM when the trade set up.  She took a look at her chart for a visual and saw that the previous support was at .7204, so she decided that she would set a lower risk to reward WO for the higher strikes because price may not have reached the other strikes.  (This is something you will want to demo before going live with, but it is a great approach to taking these trades).

Traditional Method

Many of our members simply stick to the traditional method of taking the trade  signals.


John prefers the Traditional Method and his trading plan allows him to take 10 contracts per trade.  He uses the following risk to reward plan for each signal:

Sets a WO of 75/25 or better for each trade signal – 10 contracts per trade.


What we need from you:

Please send a support a ticket including the following listed below – CLICK HERE

Subject: MT4 Account Number For EA License Manager

Body of Message:

  1. Your email account
  2. Your MT4 account number

You can find your MT4 account number in the upper left hand corner of your platform:

mt4 account number

1. Download the zip file to your desktop

2. Extract the zip file
3. Open your MT4
4. File > Open Data Folder
5. Templates folder > Place the .tpl file (DavinciDonchian.tpl) into this templates folder
6. Go back one level to the main MT4 data folder
7. Open MQL4 > Indicators > Place the .ex4 files (that you downloaded to your desktop) into this folder

5. Open the Include folder and place the files within that folder
6. Open the Libraries folder and place the files within that folder
5. Open the Experts folder and place the Nadex Solutions Expert ex4 file

8. Close MT4 and reopen (or refresh the navigator)
9. Open a chart of your choosing
10. Select the 15 minute timeframe
11. Right Click > Load Template Davinci Donchian

Step by Step video

password is slicktrade

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