Pipsqueaks #15 – Part 1: Tough Guy Trading

“Probably the most significant and pervasive characteristic of the human pleasure machine is that people are more sensitive to negative than positive stimuli”  -Amos Tversky   Earlier today I was able to partake of one of my favorite guilty pleasures: … Continued

Pipsqueaks #14 – Part 1: Making a Difference with Day Trading

Earlier this week my daughter Lucy and I were watching “The Empire Strikes Back”; although I’ve seen it before, it was the first time for her (and she loved it). Like the other Star Wars movies, it’s filled with the … Continued

Pipsqueaks #12 Part 2: What do you do? – Day Trading

Well, I’m back from lunch. Yes, sure enough that subject came up again and yes, sure enough I got the familiar “look” from Bill. Well I suppose I can’t help being crazy, you know – you just have to be … Continued

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